Help with Life Events

Many of TrustWell’s clients came to us for help with a major life event.  They trust us for advice on:

  • Retirement / Career Transitions
  • Sale of Business
  • Marriage
  • Birth or Adoption
  • Opportunity for Charitable Giving
  • College Savings
  • Home Purchase or Sale
  • Inheritance or other Financial Windfall
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Serious Illness or Disability
  • Death of a Spouse
Retirement / Career Transition

Whether your vision is that of traditional retirement or of changing careers to do something that has more significance to you, there is a peace of mind in knowing that you are financially sound.  We can help you prepare and plan for the retirement you desire.

Sale of a Business

Planning for the handling of business sale proceeds is one of the last tasks for a business owner, and it’s one that calls for intentional planning.  Good financial advice can be the difference between rapid loss of newfound wealth to taxes or other expenses and providing lasting wealth and income for generations to come.


Marriage involves the merging of two financial lives.  Arranging your finances appropriately can go a long way toward your peace of mind and even the ultimate success of the marriage itself.  From taxes to spending plans and goal setting, we can help guide you along the way, foster communication between the two of you, and help you build the life you desire.  If it’s your second marriage, we can help you address issues unique to the merging of two households.

Birth or Adoption

A child changes everything.  Basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing are only the beginning.  The desire to nurture, educate, and prepare for your child’s future is at the heart of parenting.  Adding children to your family increases the level of responsibility and the amount of financial planning needed.

Opportunities for Charitable Giving

It’s a great privilege to give generously while one is alive and to leave a legacy of generosity after you are gone.  It’s a great joy for us to have so many charitably minded clients.  Generous giving is one of our favorite financial topics.  We can help you determine how, how much, and how soon to give to the organizations of your choice.

College Saving

Having children or grandchildren or other family members (even yourself) attend college is commonly mentioned goal.  We have counseled family leaders as they seek to provide for themselves, their children, grandchildren, and other loved ones through various educational savings vehicles.  We also look at how college savings fits into the overall financial picture and long-term goals of your family.

Home Purchase or Sale

We can talk you through the pros and cons of home ownership and help you look at the home purchase or sale through the lens of your long-term financial goals.  The recent collapse of home values and the stress and financial strain that has resulted makes getting advice on this major decision a smart choice.

Inheritance or other Financial Windfall

The paradox of wealth is that increased wealth means increased choices.  This is especially true of inherited money and other financial windfalls.  We can help you determine the best use of new funds — giving, saving, investing, and spending, all in a wise way.

Separation or Divorce

For clients endurng the pain of separation or divorce, we can provide counsel on dividing assets and debts, evaluating retirement plans, and considering tax implications.  After a divorce, we can help you develop a plan for your financial future.  Our goal for our divorced clients is the same as it is for all our clients – setting reasonable financial goals, managing cash flows, and growing in knowledge and confidence.

Illness or Disability

A major illness or disability can change your financial future.  Being responsible for caring for a loved one may also impact how you choose to be cared for in the event of your own serious illness or disability.  We can help you make good decisions in these circumstances and plan for the future.

Death of a Spouse

Eighty percent of wives outlive their husbands for an average of fourteen years.  Men whose wives die before they do are less common, but no less impacted by the loss.  For many couples, the spouse who is no longer here was the manager of the family finances.  In every case, the surviving spouse loses their primary advisor and confidant.  We can help in those situations, one step at a time.


TrustWell’s advisors can help with these life events, and others not included in this list.  Contact us to learn more.

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