Help with Financial Planning

No captain leaves port without a harbor chart and no pilot leaves an airport without a flight plan.  Yet most Americans pass though life with no well-considered plan for their money.

In simplest terms, financial planning is the process of determining where you are now, where you want to be, and the best route for getting there.  If you engage TrustWell for financial planning you will get our help with developing goals, evaluating options, and making decisions.

Our planning and analysis work results in a written list of suggested action steps that are specific to you and your situation.

Not everyone needs a comprehensive plan, of course.  Maybe you need advice on just a particular issue.  Or maybe be a major life event (early retirement, divorce, inheritance, home sale, etc.) has occurred and you need help with a single decision.  We can help there, too.

In every instance, our advice to clients is grounded on five simple principles:

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Minimize the use of debt
  • Maintain adequate liquidity and an emergency savings account
  • Keep a long-term perspective
  • Be a good manager of all that you have been given

Our financial planning work comes with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee.  If, at the end of the engagement, you feel that the work we did is not equal to the amount you agreed to pay, then no fee is due.  If you have paid a deposit against the fee, we’ll gladly refund that deposit.

Our fees for financial planning and analysis work vary by the scope of the project.  Contact us to find out how to request a proposal.

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