Our History

Trustwell was established in 1987 in Gainesville, Florida by our founder, Gary Williams.  Up until 2008 it was known as D. Gary Williams & Company.  From 1987 to 2007, Gary practiced alone, first in Gainesville and then later in Jacksonville, with support from two office staffers.

Beginning in 2006, Gary felt increasingly led to share his successful solo practice with other advisors who felt the same way he did about stewardship and client service.  His vision was to create a safe place for independent, fee-only advisors to practice, and to give those other advisors the benefit of what he had learned over 20+ years.

Gary’s vision slowly came to life between 2008 and 2010.  Gary rebranded his practice in 2008 and converted it to a firm.  Over the following three years, he invited two other advisors to join him – first Chris Daunhauer, and then Brett Freese.

Each of TrustWell’s four advisors has his own clients.  Each advisor contributes a portion of his fees received toward office overhead, staff expenses, and administration.  TrustWell’s clients get the benefit of an advisor who practices in a firm made up of multiple advisors, each with a different set of experiences and personal strengths.

Since its founding, TrustWell has grown slowly and steadily — both in terms of number of cleints served and amount of assets under management.  Most of our clients came to us by referrals from their friends and family.  Our success is based on a reasonable number of long-term relationships, not on large volume.  We have many clients in other Florida cities, some in other states, and a couple outside the US.

In 2017, TrustWell added a fourth Financial Advisor to it’s team, Tanner Doudna.

TrustWell Financial Advisors