Our Fees

You can choose to engage TrustWell either for planning and analysis, ongoing investment management, or both.  Our fees vary, based on the service you select, the scope of the work, and (for investment management) the size of the account.

In every case (financial planning and investment management), our fee is fully-disclosed and the terms of the engagement are documented in a written agreement before any work begins.


Fees for Financial Planning

For a relatively simple, narrowly focused engagement, our fee is typically $800 to $1200.  For a more broadly scoped engagement (one involving multiple issues or extended analysis of a difficult situation), our fee will be higher.

We will ask for a deposit against the fee before we begin work with the balance payable at the end of the engagement.

Most clients choose to engage us on a project arrangement with a firm, fixed fee to answer a given list of question or give advice on a given set of topics.  Some clients, however, choose to hire us on an hourly basis ($250 per hour) and still others prefer an annual retainer.  We can be flexible – and we encourage you to tell us the arrangement that works best for you.


Fees for Investment Management

We generally require at least $100,000 to open a new investment management account.   TrustWell’s annual fee for designing a portfolio and then performing ongoing management of the account is based on its size:

1.00% of the average balance for accounts $1,000,000 and under
0.80% of the average balance for accounts $1,000,001 – $5,000,000
0.60% of the average balance for accounts $5,000,001 and over.

Under the agreement clients execute with TrustWell, one-fourth of the annual fee is automatically deducted from the account at the end of each quarter.

Charles Schwab (the third-party custodian) and the mutual funds and ETFs chosen for your investment account may charge additional fees.  For more information on these, contact us and ask for a free copy of our disclosure brochure.

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